Our Beliefs

If you would like to see our beliefs in list form, please see below. 

Faith, Hope and Love Christian Fellowship is a Pentecostal Christian church. We believe in God the Father, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Bible is the Word of God. Heaven and hell both exist. All people sin and sin can’t be in heaven. We deserve to be punished for our sins, but instead we can be forgiven by God. Jesus took all the punishment for all people ever born when He died on the cross. Then He rose from the dead, proving how powerful He is and that He will live forever in heaven. 

In order to become a Christian and go to heaven when one dies, a person just has to believe that Jesus is God’s Son, that He rose from the dead, and ask for God’s forgiveness. Then the person’s Spirit becomes alive; the person had been physically born, but now he or she is “born again.”

After being born again, Christians want to please God and to make Him Lord of their lives. This means that they realize that God knows what is best for them and they want to do what He wants them to do. Christians praise and worship God and read His Word. They go to church to learn from a pastor and to be with other believers. Together Christians can reach out to unbelievers nearby and around the world. And they can show God’s love through many projects that help people physically, emotionally and spiritually.

After a person believes in Jesus as Lord, the next step is called the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes to live in your spirit. He lets you know that by having you speak a language that you have never learned. Another word for language is tongue, so this is called "speaking in tongues". We know of people speaking German, Polish, etc who never studied the language at all! God uses this as a sign to unbelievers. Also, Christians speak in tongues to praise God and to pray for needs, especially when we don't know all the details of a situation. The Bible says to pray in the Spirit and the understanding, so we pray in tongues and in English. It is a wonderful gift that assures us of God's presence in our lives.

List of our Beliefs

The Bible - the inspired and infallible Word of God

The Trinity  - Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Jesus - born of a virgin, died, and rose again

Salvation - believing in Jesus, accepting Him as Lord, being born again

Water Baptism - believers by immersion

Holy Spirit Baptism - with the evidence of speaking in tongues as in Acts

Communion – remembering Jesus’ sacrifice using grape juice and Matza

Healing - God’s power at work today

Eternal life – in heaven or hell