Our History

Faith, Hope and Love Christian Fellowship was founded in June, 1994 in the garage of a member. Pastor David named our church using the very important words “Faith, Hope and Love” which are found together in three verses of the Bible. Faith is belief in God, hope is belief in God’s ability to help and give eternal life, love is in our relationship with God and other people. We originally called ourselves “Faith, Hope and Love Christian Fellowship” to emphasize the group of people rather than a church building. Now we use the word “church” instead because that means a group of people too!               

In Oct. 1994 we moved to Church Street, Canajoharie. Many services, Bible studies, prayer meetings, guest ministries, dinners, and youth events were held in that little store-front. In 1999, we moved to Erie Boulevard where we had room for two Sunday school classes, a library area, a kitchen, a pastor’s office, and a large sanctuary. Being across from the original Canajoharie High School led to a youth group that reached many teens. In 2006, our area had a major flood and after being cleaned out, the building was remodeled into apartments.  So, Faith, Hope and Love began to meet at 1 pm in the United Methodist Church on Main Street.  We had the use of the beautiful sanctuary and some Sunday School rooms. In 2012, in order to have an earlier service and save money, we began to hold services in our Palatine Bridge home, retaining the option to hold special events at the Methodist church.


In 2016, we moved back into the basement of the Methodist Church and upgraded to a TV and computer to display the worship lyrics.  In May of 2020 because of Covid 19 restrictions, we worshiped in our home.  Then in December of 2020, we began to hold services at Upstate Chapel, 63 Cliff Street at 5 pm on Sundays.   This time allows us to share the building with another congregation and gives people who may work or rest on Sunday morning a time to come to church.

There is a ramp so it is handicap accessible.



As our vision states, we want everyone to have the opportunity to come to “a place of hope where people are filled with faith in God and touched by the love of the Lord.”

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