Our Leaders

Pastor David W. Bowley is the founding pastor of Faith, Hope and Love Christian Fellowship. He loves to pray, study the Word, listen to sermons, read, and worship.  He is knowledgeable on church history, current events, world and American history, musicians, and primarily, the Word of God. Pastor David is forthright and honest, loving and compassionate. He challenges everyone to grow in their relationship with the Lord through personal prayer time, Bible reading, and study. His greatest desire is that he and his congregation would walk in love and in power. He encourages us to tell others about salvation, God’s love, and His power for healing, provision, and deliverance. 


Pastor David was ordained by Rhema Bible Church, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in 1994. He graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in 1991 where he studied under Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin.  The emphasis at Rhema is to love the Lord and one another, to pray with faith based on God’s Word, to never underestimate God’s awesome power and to enjoy communicating with God through the Holy Spirit. David pioneered Faith, Hope and Love Christian Fellowship in 1993 and has been senior pastor ever since. From  2006 to 2020, he also was pastor of Marshville Evangelical Church of Canajoharie. For 10 years, David went weekly to the county jail and led many to the Lord. He has preached in many other churches and special events, and has spearheaded many multi-church gatherings and prayer groups.. David also sings and plays guitar at many services, leading the congregation into both joyful and reverent worship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He has written many Christian songs, and made a CD called “Heart of a Servant”. Faith, Hope and Love uses some of his songs during worship.


David grew up in Fort Plain, NY and St. Johnsville and has a B.A. in History and a Masters in Social Studies Education. As the eldest of three children being brought up by a single mother, he had much responsibility early in life. His high grades and athletic success  were the direct result of his self discipline. David later worked at Liberty Enterprises and in several schools as a substitute teacher. In 2016 he retired from secular work to focus on prayer, Bible study, pastoring and meeting with other Christian leaders. He is a very involved father of three young adults and a very happy grampa of one grand-daughter.   He and his wife, Norma, live in Palatine Bridge, NY where he spends his spare time exercising, cooking, gardening, mowing and watching comedies.


Norma Bowley assists her husband David in many aspects of the ministry. She plays keyboard for worship and helps arrange the songs. She has taught Sunday School to many children, some who grew up in the church and many who knew nothing about God and his Word. Norma also acts as church secretary and treasurer.   She graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in the Helps group in 1991. While working as a pianist and organist, she has played in churches of many denominations and styles. Those experiences have given her a respect for all churches and a knowledge of many hymns and songs.  


In 1987, after 27 years in liturgical churches, Norma was born again, baptized in the Holy Spirit and was blessed with the gift of speaking in tongues. This miraculous evidence of the presence of God living within a person is a continual encouragement and a powerful form of prayer. She attended services where she saw miracles and visual proof of God’s power. These faith-changing experiences transformed her into a Pentecostal believer and she is very thankful to the Lord, to David and other friends, and the teachers at Rhema. 


Norma is a piano teacher, pianist at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church and Fort Plain Reformed Church, an accompanist for 5 school choirs and 2 drama clubs, and a substitute teacher. She grew up in the home she and David now live in and enjoys reading, walking the family dog and keeping in touch with their children and grand-child.


Ethan “Corky” Waller became an ordained minister and elder in our church in September, 2016.  He  is a graduate of Word of Life Bible Institute, Schroon Lake, NY.   Corky has done jail ministry, children’s ministry, and lives each day with a continual evangelistic and Christ-like life-style.  His sermons are full of his many experiences, thankgiving for what the Lord has done for him, and reminders to share the gospel with others in word and deed. 

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