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At Faith, Hope and Love Christian Church, you will find a group of friendly, casually dressed people who will join together to sing, listen to a sermon, and pray together. Faith, Hope and Love Christian Church is a Pentecostal Christian church. What is that?  We believe in the basic beliefs of all Christian churches – that Jesus Christ was sent by God the Father to die for our sins and He rose again to give us eternal life. We study the Bible and follow its teachings of faith, hope, love, forgiveness, compassion, humility, trust, and honesty. 

Being a Pentecostal Christian takes it a step further. After Jesus rose from the dead and went to heaven, the Holy Spirit came to live in his disciples’ spirits. They knew this because they spoke in languages (tongues) that they hadn’t learned. Other people knew what they were saying, but they didn’t. This is reported in the Bible in the book of Acts, chapter 2. It happened on a holiday called Pentecost so people who have this experience are called Pentecostal Christians. People throughout history have communicated with God through this wonderful, miraculous way called “speaking in tongues.”  It is hard to imagine until you hear it or do it yourself, but words come out of your mouth that you are not producing in your mind. You don’t even know what they mean, but sometimes God gives the interpretation to you or another person. It is an evidence of God living inside you and you can use this other language to praise Him and to pray, especially for situations where you don’t know all the facts. People can receive this gift when alone or when prayed for by another Christian. It is for every Christian and it’s wonderful!

Our goal is for the Holy Spirit to lead our services. We don’t have a bulletin or a hymnal that gives an order of things to say and read. We praise and worship God through contemporary songs, traditional hymns, and simple choruses with keyboard and guitar accompaniment. Then Pastor David has a sermon which includes lots of Bible verses, explanations, illustrations, and humor. His wife, Norma, or another teacher teaches the children in an adjoining room during the sermon.  The children learn about the Bible, Jesus’ life and teachings, and living life as a Christian.  Crafts, skits, and songs make the lesson enjoyable and memorable.

Because we have experienced the miracle of tongues, we strongly believe in the miraculous power of God to heal, provide, and deliver. Nothing is impossible with Him! Please see the “Our Beliefs” page for more details.

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